Box Hanging Three Ranch
Mountain Bred Tennessee Walking Horses
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Remembrance Challenge under saddle a fine example of Box Hanging Three's Tennessee Walkers.

Remembrance Challenge
June 16, 1986-June 30, 2009
Foal Friends
The Box Hanging Three Ranch is located five miles west of Dubois, Wyoming at 7100 feet above sea level. Our horses are trained on the trails and through the streams that wind through the ranch. Our two year olds under saddle splash confidently through the Wind River and up into the mountain foothills. We raise an average of fifteen foals a year. Most are chosen by customers before they turn two. View our on-line catalog.
Imprinting a Tennessee Walker foal at mares side.

            Mutual Trust
~ Foals are imprinted from birth
~ Ground work for yearlings      
~ Trained under saddle at two   
~ Ridden on rocky trails,            
through rivers and creeks,  
along a busy highway           

* Training available for horses purchased from this ranch.

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