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2014 Foal Crop
2015 Foal Crop
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2014 Foal Crop

Proud Ms. Frederica
#21400172. By Proud Classic out of Miss Pearl's Challenge.
Foaled June 4, 2014. Black mare, both hind fetlocks. Her running walk looks terrific.
Rica is ridden daily on our ranch trails, over bridges and along farm roads. A nice average size filly.
She is one to watch!
A Pharoah with Flash.
#21400173. By Senor Pusher ("Flash") out of Proud Queen Cleopatra.
Foaled May 27, 2014. Black roanie gelding, four stockings, bald face, mixed tail and mane.
Pharoah has a great running walk. He is ridden daily out on the trail.
For experienced and confident rider.

2015 Foal Crop

A Flash of Wisdom (Whiz)
#21500229. Foaled 05/07/15. Sorrel mare, four stockings, blaze, lower lip. Sired by Senor Pusher out of Challenge's Lady Sophia. Whiz is superfriendly, loves attention, and is easy to train. Her dam is a Prides Genius mare. Whiz has an excellent running walk, and is doing well on the trail. She is relaxed and ready to go. Will mature to average size.
Flashy Lone Ranger (Ranger)
#21500546. Foaled 05/04/15. By Senor Pusher out of Classic Diva. Black roan gelding. Both hind and near fore stockings, spot on off side of belly, lower lip, mixed tail. Ranger is a friendly young gelding with a blaze that looks like the "masked man of the west." Easy to work with, to lead, and handle all feet. Ranger is calm under saddle, and enjoys the trails and seeing new sights. He has a tremendous overstride and an excellent loose-moving running walk. Owned by Ann C. Crouter and William J. Tolan.

2016 Foal Crop (Now under saddle)

Oldie's Midnight Surprise (Sir)
#21600117. Foaled 05/11/16. Registered a black gelding, Sir has copper overtones in his coat in some seasons. Both hind fetlocks and a star. By Golden Oldie out of Miss Pearl's Challenge. Sir is average size, very handsome with a mellowdisposition. Sir is easy to catch and work with, has an easy going friendly disposition, has a long striding running walk. Is ready to adventure forth to the nearby trails."
Flashy Desert Flower (Flower)
#21600121. Foaled Foaled 05/11/16. Roan-ish black filly by Senor Pusher out of Proud Queen Cleopatra. Both hind stockings, blaze, lower lip.Flower is vivacious and very pretty. She is friendly, likes people and is curious about new things and visitors. Flower has a quiet and friendly disposition. She is out on the trails: bridges, hills and farm roads. Her gait is excellent. A very nice filly!
Zorro's PhD (Doc)
#21600119. Foaled 05/31/16. By Challenge's Zorro out of Genius & More. Solid blackgelding. Doc is a very friendly colt of average size. He is also handsome, energetic, and curious about new things. His dam, a Pride's Genius mare, has given us super foals.Docs gait is very promising. He will be out on the trail by mid-summer. This sturdily built horse will be average size at full growth.

2017 Foal Crop (All trained to lead and handle.)
All Yearlings have received two weeks of ground work saddled longed, ground driven, trailer loaded. Work under saddle begins early 2019.

Oldie's Hawaiian Jayne (Jaynie)
#21700315. Foaled 05/05/17. By Golden Oldie out of Marauder's Madam Pele, a Mountain Marauder mare. Bay mare, no markings. Calm disposition. Will be average size.Excellent conformation, well-muscled, with a shapely head. A nice confident, quiet young mare. Owned by Ann C. Crouter and William J. Tolan
Classic Twinkle Toes
#2100116. Foaled 06/10/17. By Proud Classic out of Zorro's Plenty Bella. Smoky black mare, out of a mare of the William's King line. Twinkle Toes has three stockings, one sock and other fancy chrome. Pretty head with blaze and lower lip. Neatdiminutive conformation, lots of personality and likes people. We expect her to grow to 15 hands or less.
William's Ms. Shadow (Shadow)
#21700159. Foaled 05/23/17. By King William's Heir out of Wind Shadow's Ruby (William's King line). Solid deep chestnut mare with gorgeous conformation, sturdy build. Fine head. Nice disposition and likes people. A little successful line breeding here!
William's Mimi (Mimi)
#21700314. Foaled 05/07/17. Black mare, off hind fetlock, near hind coronet. Out of Classic Diva (Proud Classic mare). Abeautiful filly out of a beautiful mare! Super sweetdisposition. Very good attitude and eager to please.
Flash's Francophile (Frankie)
#21700161. Foaled 04/30/17. By Senor Pusher out of Classic French Twist (Proud Classic mare). Black gelding colt, near hindfetlock, star. Frankie has a great disposition, is very people friendly, curious and easy to work with.
Classic Sugar Frosting (Frostie)
#2100163. Foaled 05/16/17. 2017. Frostie is a bay mare with near hind fetlock, off hind and near coronets and blaze. By Proud Classic out of Wiseguy's Sweet Deal. Very people friendly, with a soft eye, and also gaity.
Flash Pushes Onward (Onward)
#21700162. Foaled 05/01/17. Black gelding. Near hind and near fore socks, strip. A friendly colt, Onward is also bold and inquisitive. Sturdy build with some size. Sired by Senor Pusher. Dam is Challenge's Sophia. Gaity.
Zorro's Remembrance (Junior)
#21700160. Foaled 05/13/17. By Challenge's Zorro out of Remembrance Gold (a Sun's Remembrance line mare). Big, beautiful bay gelding colt with lots of presence.

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